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Showing the way in rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Foundation is a forerunner of rehabilitation and our vision is to be the most engaging development environment for rehabilitation. We have expertise in work ability, functional capacity and social participation.

We combine customer experience with high quality multidisciplinary research, renew models and services of rehabilitation and welcome experts, policymakers, businesses and customers to partake in development.

Our values and promises


We act openly and based on research so that our results can be utilised as widely as possible. We share our data, expertise and results.

Shared work – shared success

We always seek the right expert for the right job. We enable policymakers, service providers, developers and customers to interact with each other. We act and influence together.


In our development environment we aim to provide with a more equal rehabilitation for all demographics.

Our guidelines

  • Working with the mind of a researcher
  • Bravely experimenting
  • Collaborating and sharing
  • In a sustainable way

International contacts

The Rehabilitation Foundation is the member of the Rehabilitation International Finnish Committee (RIFI) and the Finnish National Committee of the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW).

At the annual National Rehabilitation Days, we present the latest research and discuss rehabilitation service systems and customer experiences in different countries.

The Learning Support Centre

Questionnaire of learning and mental health problems (KOMO)

KOMO-questionnaire is a simultaneous screening method for learning disabilities and mental health problems meant for the professional usage. It can help to identify people whose learning disabilities might have gone unrecognised. It is important to pay attention to voluntary participation, confidentiality and safeguarding whilst using the questionnaire.

Download the questionnaire and guidance by clicking the link below:


Guidance for a professional who uses the KOMO-questionnaire

Information security and data protection

Our policies concerning information security and data protection comply with the Finnish legislation and The General Data Protection Regulation as required by The European Union. These are based on national, general and industry-specific laws, statutes, guidelines and standards which oversee and obligate information security, person registers, competent ways of managing data and the quality of data.

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