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The Rehabilitation Foundation

Showing the way in rehabilitation

Our fields of expertise are sustainable employment and work capacity, the best attainable functional capacity and a stronger civic society. We carry out our core duties while continuously developing our solid expertise and practices, rethinking and crossing structural boundaries to ensure our operational efficiency. The Rehabilitation Foundation wants to make an impact through knowledge.

Our aim is to serve as a Living Lab in rehabilitation, to introduce tangible reforms in the rehabilitation sector and to produce tools for reshaping our field in Finland. The Living Lab is an innovative environment built on user-centred research, impact assessment and practical concepts that will help modernise the Finnish rehabilitation system.

We want to give rehabilitees good quality of everyday life and opportunities for improved life management and return to work. We are located in Malminkartano, Helsinki, within good transport links.

As a non-profit organisation, our operations are partially funded by Veikkaus Oy.  We have approximately 80 employees.

Our values and promise

  • We grow and share our expertise. Competence is the only resource that multiplies by use
  • We work close to our stakeholders as part of their lives, “in the middle of the city”. The best and most in-demand partner.
  • We value diversity. The future success stories will be made by organisations that are best able to tap into the opportunities offered by diversity.
  • The most effective rehabilitation. Our work returns the best possible value for every euro invested.

International contacts

The Rehabilitation Foundation is the member of the Rehabilitation International Finnish Committee (RIFI) and the Finnish National Committee of the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW).

At the annual National Rehabilitation Days we present the latest research and discuss rehabilitation systems and customer experiences in different countries.

The Learning Support Centre

Questionnaire of learning and mental health problems (KOMO)

KOMO-questionnaire is a simultaneous screening method for learning disabilities and mental health problems meant for the professional usage. It can help to identify people whose learning disabilities might have gone unrecognised. It is important to pay attention to voluntary participation, confidentiality and safeguarding whilst using the questionnaire.

Download the questionnaire and guidance by clicking the link below:


Guidance for a professional who uses the KOMO-questionnaire

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